Work outfit.

Mai 22, 2014
My time at university comes to an end. Not now but in a few month and I‘m going to get more and more aware that it’s time to act adult in every way. The sweet vintage dresses will always be a part of me, but to be honest, I feel more and more covered in them. Yesterday I bought my first pants. The outfit shows me on the way home from a film shoting. As you can feel, I am celebrating my way back home like a walk through palms. Of course I have combined vintage elements, but to live an adult live also includes practical garments.
In trousers I feel more active and working.
Also, I have discovered my passion for cycling again. This fits better with trousers :)
My body is made for skirts, shorts and dresses. I don´t feel well represented in pants. Haha. 

Wearing: vintage blouse, necklace, bracelett and glasses;
modern belt, trousers, shoes and backpack
photographed by Mauerfuchs


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