Sometimes it is good to go through the wardrobe
to rediscover a long forgotten piece.
Once I have received this flower jumpsuit from an acquaintance
and adapted it to my measurements.
It reminds me of the time when I have had sewn a lot.
I was an enthusiastic sewer and as a kid it was my goal
to became a fashion designer one day.
But seriously, it is my passion to draw fashion
and to take photographs of outfits
that are able to accompany my everyday life.
I really miss the sewing and ambending of vintage treasures
in nostalgic moments, but it is time-consuming … I am impatient.

Better keep your closet clean an enjoy a walk in old favorites now an then.
Without having time for your own creative projects
– as in student times –
a piece that has the opportunity to feel the past freedom is all you need.
I am sure, at least, as an old lady I will have a sewing machine and time again.
That would be ridiculous! Outfit:
jumpsuit (vintage and DIY),
necklace c/o Lisa Maresa. All photographed and edited by myself.

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