The start of something.
Me 1992 in my grandmas garden.
I love her that much. <3
She loved to dress me up the cutest way.
fall 2012
I always was a vintage enthusiast, but I hide myself behind too cute dresses.
People don´t recognize me as a creative woman.
They always see the kitsch child. It was hard for me to work on my future plans.
In this moments I am hanging around my blog and gazing all those cute pictures:
fall 2013
It is strange, but moving twice a year let me think about all of my stuff,
and I have definitely to much.
I collected more than hundred 60s and 70s dresses that could worn by cute misses or even kids.
I really want to reduce myself. Clear head, clear wardrobe, time to get creative.
fall 2013
I left Weimar with two bags that I could carry with my bike.
One with clothes and one with technical stuff.
What shall I say, it is a good feeling to have only a few things,
that you really love and you can get a combination stylist. :D
fall 2014 (latenight selfie)
One thing further. I am really enjoying fashion blogging.
I know I hide it the last few years and felt ashamed between my friends,
but now I really want to improve my little corner of the internet ( and my english HAW! )
fall 2014
Can´t wait to work on my blog and plan funny posts. :)
summer 2014
Having those much responsibilities in my live really let me feel like a woman.
My style improved itself from a vintage kid inspired to a feminin nostalgic with lots of fun.
summer 2014
 Having a fashion blog is a photo album of your style over years. It is really blessing.

(..and sometimes spooky of course. ;) )

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