Holiday in my hometown.
My advice: take someone from your new hometown to your childhoods hometown
and you will surprise yourself by visiting places you haven´t seen for years.22194_841859732550194_7538443877222953464_n
I was born in this little town next to the inner German border.
After the reunion some very famous GDR products lost their importance.
Nature take the areas back to its own.11327306_1133683203312219_1385243179_n_MG_1170
The Simson was and is a very cult product all over the world.
Two brothers found that company back in the 19th century,
but it wasn´t able to survive the turning point in the last decade of the 20th century.Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-31 um 13.04.42 (2) 11267269_1133683186645554_1003705927_n
Suhl was and is a location of weapon industry.
Maybe it is obvious to be a location for shooting sport as well. The time stands still.
Nothing seams to have changed since I was on that areal in my school time. _MG_1209
Suhl photographed by myself,
me photographed by Lasse Eisele,
color correction me.

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