Florals, stripes and satchels.

September 18, 2013

While I was walking yesterday, I realized painfully that the summer is over. I was very busy with my bachelor thesis the last few month that I couldn´t enjoy the sun. I missed the summer. After seeking recuperation after months of work I am surprised by rain and coldness. So I’m going with my autumn jacket hiding a floral dress in the hope that the sun just say hello behind the clouds.
You must think that I have thousands satchels. Hehe. That is my everyday dream. Hehe. This one I have personally borrowed from the photographer himself because it fits just fine with my oxfords.

Remember that dress? I have changed the lengh.

Wearing all vintage exept the satchel by vintage satchel company.


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    Suzanne Amlin

    Wow! I was directed here from the Modcloth Style Gallery and had to check out your blog. I love your style soo soo much. When I checked out your profile on the Style Gallery, I noticed I had unknowingly loved all your pics (without realizing they were all you!) Keep up the good work. I intend to buy your entire closet :)

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