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Oktober 13, 2013

After recieving lots of mails with similar questions about my dresses, I want to show you a variant of getting a well fitting favourite. I found this dress that seems to have the cutest pattern, but does not fit properly. It hung on my closet so many days and I didn´t know what to do. Add to Kleiderkreisel? Keep it? Change it? 
Yesterday was that type of rainy days that inspires me. I cut it DO NOT IMITATE WITHOUT CONFIDENCE without remeasure. Many experienced seamstresses would describe myself as a bungler, but what makes cooking fun for me is sewing without prescription. My eyes have my dress size in sense of proportion, so I cut the excess fabric off. Then I put the fabric pieces together with pins as I wanted to sew . The only thing I had to note was, that the skirt pleats should be symmetrical. Within half an hour me an my sewing mashine made a new favorite dress. A outfit post will follow. I´m sure:)

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