Cute brooches, music and a very pink wardrobe.

Dezember 11, 2013
There are so many projects. Studying master take so much time. Coffee helps me to keep my other creative projects.
Would you wear my brooches? I celebrate the full sweet of kitsch in this collection. I made a few new designs. 
 I really want to hear your opinion about. (text: cute brooches for cute people)  
My room really has changed last week. I was very unhappy with my furniture situation. Last week I have found this wonderful wardrobe. I knew immediately that it must be mine. Three pressboard cabinets could leave my room. I have worked four whole days on it, I sanded and painted it. Nearly three gallons of color was needed. I didn´t want pink, I bought a light red color. Hehe.
All my stuff found a new home. 
I also want to share a live video with you. I was a cinematographer for it. I love to film musicans. 
There a a few more clips on the vimeo account if you are interested of amazing music :)


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    Die Broschen sind zuckersüß! <3
    Falls du deinen Plan mit dem Shop noch nicht umgesetzt hat: Ich an deiner Stelle würde es definitiv wagen (sofern das Masterstudium das zeitlich zulässt, ich merke auch gerade, wie arbeitsintensiv das ist…)

    Der Schrank ist auch toll, durch den Glaseinsatz und die weißen Akzente wird das intensive rosarot optisch ja auch schon wieder etwas relativiert :)

    Alles Liebe

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