Absolutely autumn!

Oktober 28, 2013
The autumn has grabbed me. He has always been my favorite time of year,  
but this year he has another meaning for me. After I missed the spring and summer because of my bachelor project, autumn welcomes me with open arms and bright colorful days.  I can´t believe it,  I have my first university degree.
Today I made ​​a walk with my sister. Please be lenient she forgot her glasses and therefore the pictures of me are blurred.
As an excuse I will introduse her to you. Hi :)
(I really love her hair, because long hair wasn´t meant for my. 
Thats why I am her hair dyer and cutter. Hehe.)
My smile will be back after some days off ;)
I wear: vintage dress, simple mustard cardigan, selfmade lace belt,
white tights, satchel, lottafromstockholm clogs
picures me and Marilu ▼ Color Grading me


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