Kept cozy in as many layers as possible. Coat c/o monki agency v.
Wore and still love my micro bang.

Started buying flowers frequently.

Visited my home town and childhood places.

Dressed less cute and more simple. Necklace c/o Welmel.

Black and white! Dress c/o cheap monday agency v. Enjoyed my city of choice. Dress c/o pepaloves and shirt c/o monki agency v.

This black and white thing. Shirt c/o monki agency v.

Wandering around the alps as much as possible. Wearing a jumpsuit c/o pepaloves, clogs c/o lottafromstockholm, coat c/o Stine Goya agency v.

And alps again. Wearing Clogs c/o sand grens clogs and a heart bag c/o mydearlove. And yes, phoned a lot far away from my family. ;) 

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